I believe in order to achieve your optimal fitness goals you need to stay consistent and focused. I will help you develop an individualized action plan that can be implemented in your daily routine, and allow you to build a foundation of support. The Key to Me Profile was created by Kahler Communications, Inc. (KCI), an international research, communication and assessment company that owns the rights to the Process Therapy Model™ and the Process Communication Model® (PCM).

I was first introduced to PCM in 2005, while serving as a business analyst for a network security company. I met and was trained by Dr. Taibi Kahler Ph.D., the award-winning clinical psychologist who served as an advisor to Global 2000 companies, NASA and other governmental agencies and several presidential and senatorial campaigns. I was officially certified by Judith Ann Pauley, PhD, and Joseph F. Pauley in 2011.

The Process Communication Model® has changed my life, and it will change yours. If you wish to receive your Key to Me Profile in the next 24 hours, click below and register on RegattaCentral .