I believe it is our right as human beings to move and use our bodies the way they were designed. We do not have to be an elite athlete or an Olympian to feel strong or physically healthy. Introducing movement, training modalities, and nutrition into our daily routine is a wonderful way to balance our lives as well as prolong them. With the proper guidance, we are capable of finding a unique training modality that compliments our personality and our lifestyle.

Society paints a clouded perception of what it means to be “fit.” To truly understand what motivates you and how to succeed in fitness or athletics you need to understand yourself. For over 20 years, I focused on emulating the athletes and coaches around me. I understand now that I should have been looking internally at myself and reflecting on what worked for me.

My passion is to help my clients and athletes believe in themselves and their mission. We begin with a simple conversation about what you  want to accomplish and how you want to live your life.

As a rower and sculler, I was fortunate to reach and compete at the level I did.  I did not become an Olympian, but my experiences and failures allowed me to fully comprehend and connect all the training components necessary to coach and develop athletes and clients of all ages and abilities. Our limits do not define us.

I am grateful to be the father of two wonderful daughters, and I would not be where I am today without the support and love of my wonderful wife. Through their influence, I recognize we are not only working to better ourselves. We are also working to better the lives and futures of the people we love and support.